General terms and conditions for rental equipment

The EQUIPRENT Andreas Teichmann GmbH can not be held responsible for damages or losses caused by the rented equipment or personnel during the length of lease. The tenant accepts the general terms and conditions by acknowledging the lease agreement:

1. Rental fees

Rented equipment is charged on base of the most recent pricelist that was valid when the lease contract was signed. This does not apply for cases where an agreement was met for divergent prices. The rental time is calculated from the first day at which the rented equipment was picked up to the last day when the rented equipment is returned.

2. Delivery and transportation

If the rental house is not able to supply the tenant with equipment on the agreed day and time, the tenant is allowed to dun the rental house by setting a deadline prior to terminating the contract without notice. If the rental house is able to supply the tenant with a part of the equipment, then the contract can only be terminated for the equipment that was not supplied by the rental house, except for when the not supplied equipment is required for correct operation of the supplied equipment and the tenant is unable to acquire corresponding replacement for the not supplied equipment. The tenant can not claim compensation from the rental house for equipment that could not be supplied.

Unless otherwise agreed, the tenant must pickup the rented equipment at the rental house and must bring it back to the rental house at the end of the rental period. The tenant is charged with all shipping fees, if he demands shipping of the rented equipment to an adress of his choice. The transportation risk lies with the tenant, even when shipping/delivery is arranged by the rental house.

3. Loss or damage to the leased property

The tenant is responsible for any damage or loss of the rented equipment, regardless of culpability, from pickup until return. The tenant must have a third party insurance which covers the value of the rented equipment (does not apply when the equipment is insured by the rental house). The tenant is charged for any required repairs or replacements of the rented equipment during the whole rental period, except for repairs or replacements that were either present before pickup or that appeared due to regular wear and tear. The onus lies with the tenant. The tenant is obliged to operate and maintain the rented equipment according to the instructions of the rental house.

4. Insurance

The rented equipment is automaticly insured by the rental house. The price for the insurance is based on the rental duration and the value of the rented equipment. All circumstances must be notified in advance. The tenant is permitted to insure the equipment with his own insurance.

5. Warranties

The tenant is obliged to check the rented equipment for correct function or any type of defects before pickup. We accept no liability for any defects that have been found during the checking process.

Equipment that could not be checked by the tenant before pickup has to be checked by the tenant once the opportunity is given. All defects found must the reported to the rental house immediately. Same applies to hidden defects that occur during operation.

6. Miscellaneous

Changes and additions to all contracts must be done in writing form. Place of performance for delivery and payment is Hamburg. The competent jurisdiction for any disputes is also Hamburg.

Hamburg, 5th may 2015 SUBJECT TO ALTERATIONS

All other price lists and terms and conditions are hereby invalid.

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